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Before I get to the subject at hand we'd like to welcome you to the newly redesigned Rose Beans. We hope this change allows you to efficiently and easily navigate our website hassle free. You can buy from a plethora of items that are designed with you in mind, to ultimately satisfy your lifestyle needs and shopping moods.
We ask you to visit us regularly as New Arrivals are added to the store on a weekly basis in order to bring you the latest trending products at wholesale prices. Yes, that's right, we won't be undersold, and yeah, tell me about it, Where do we make a profit you ask? You would think it be a large margin but in all actuality it's pennies to the dollar. Our mission is to sell at low costs to encourage repeat traffic and drive up sales volume.
Consequently, Rose Beans was created to function as a capital engine to raise money for programs created to help the less fortunate across the US. Anywhere from homelessness to addiction to HIV and AIDS Services, our commitment stands to donate %15 of all sales on a quarterly basis to ensure they get the help they need and fast. And guys, don't forget to tip at checkout as %100 percent of those proceeds will go to charity. Just another added bonus and method put in place to maximize our donation capacity.
As the US tries to recover from the devastating and crippling blows the Coronavirus has dealt to our economy, we mustn't forget our inner nature to do good, and good it'll do. Not only will you do good for others, your heart will be flooded with overwhelming joy at the chance you was able to give a helping hand. I plead to you today to find it in your hearts and give wholeheartedly to those in need. And there's no greater need than that of supporting small businesses, brick and mortar companies that are created by people looking to live the American dream, create a sustainable business that not only provides a living wage for business owners and their families but contribute to the communities they serve.
Be a part of the solution. Plant the seeds of change. Do it for God and country. Do it for the children of the future. Do it because it's the right thing to do. We're in this together and together we will foster hope in our future because as an anonymous writer once wrote a beautiful line that sums this all up, "As long as the ties that bind us together are stronger than those that will tear us apart, all will be well." Take care of yourself and others and shop, shop, shop until your knees drop, drop. Thank you for listening and may God bless you and your efforts.
Image of Miguel Alvarez, CEO of Rose Beans   Miguel Alvarez, CEO of Rose Beans

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