Struggling Together During This Pandemic

A letter from the CEO:

As we continue maneuvering through this pandemic together, looking for some sort of normalcy, we shouldn't forget the incredible progress we've made so far. On our selves, in our communities and how we've been treating others through our compassion. Well,  luckily enough, this pandemic, has afforded us to shift our attention to reflect on what's most important to us and where would we want go as a nation moving forward. However, we all could agree on one thing , our willingness to help those around us grew. It also opened our eyes up to the disparity between the rich and the poor and the struggle it is for small businesses to compete with corporations. That struggle is still real. We have to continue to reach out to ma and pa shops in and out of the internet. Our objective is clear, impart knowledge to help our brothers and sisters move up.

Although we're a small company our hearts are big. Which is why Rose Beans is dedicated to developing programs that are geared towards those in underserved communities in America, teaching young and adult members alike, the fundamentals of Art and Design and the importance of incorporating one's self to capitalize on their artistic assets. Your purchase today will help our mission to deliver life enhancing abilities to those who would otherwise need a degree. Contact us through Facebook @ Rose Beans, subscribe to or write us for more information at:

Rose Beans, LLC, PO Box 523363, Bronx, NY 10452

Well, I Hope your future is blessed with health and prosperity and the strength to continue, as we approach our future with hope. Take time to serve others and most importantly treat yourself right. Buy something for yourself because you deserve it.

Thank you for shopping Rose Beans Art and Things!

Miguel Alvarez, CEO

 Miguel Alvarez CEO of Rose Beans

Rose Beans is currently open for business and is constantly working on getting the best value on Art and novelty items. Always adding new products and services and providing excellent customer service. Please visit us anytime.

Rose Beans comes with complete customer satisfaction and guarantee.

That's a Rose Bean Promise.

Rose Beans art and things, all rights resaved. 2021

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