Why did I pick Rose Beans as a company name?

I don't like talking about my misfortunes or past hardships much. Kind of don't want to remember those days. But I guess in the light of the questions that have been surmounting, I think I owe it to my customers to share this bit of information.

When I was younger I struggled to make ends meet. One day I didn't have anything to eat but this can of beans that was sitting in the cupboard. I started to cry because I remembered a passage in the bible that said "Even the lowliest sparrow is fed" Now I don't remember the verse but this passage restored my faith that no matter what I'm going through God has a way of coming through. I remember those Rose beans quite clearly to this day. I vowed to myself that I would work hard in my life to prevent this from happening again.

Rose Beans was born on April 14th 2021 the year of our lord and became Rose Beans LLC. Now I've set an engine to run to sustain my self and hopefully those around me that we shouldn't suffer anymore. A portion of the sales and tips made on Rose Beans will go to core organizations in underserved communities throughout the US. With God's grace we would be able to give back as the community has done for us.

I'm kind of saddened right now remembering that story but I'm cracking a smile knowing that I'm not alone.

Welcome to Rose Beans my friend.

Miguel Alvarez, CEO and Founder

Rose Beans, LLC

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