Labels? Or Something else?

Have you ever seen the vintage commercial where a lady, wearing stylish, elegant clothing and fur, walks out of a department store and stops to say "You don't have to spend a million to look like one!" She was sure on to something. That commercial has since then made me re-examining how I look at fashion, moreover the amount of money I spend on it. She's right, you don't have to spend a boat load of money on expensive labels. As long as it looks stylish and comfortable who cares who's it by. Don't feel ashamed. And best part about it, it was a bargain. Now I could do whatever I want with the savings. I could even buy myself the same set in different colors. Who knows?

These days customers tend to be a bit more frugal about how they spend their money and it's a pretty good assumption that if It looks great and feels comfortable, customers are more likely to buy the item. So don't be afraid to rock those sexy and stylish bikinis made by the not so known fashion houses. Just like those big labels, ma and pa shop slave just as hard to bring you the coolest and trending urban wear on the market.

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Photo: Nicole De Khors

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